Monday, April 20, 2009


Well, I had this thing finished by last weekend, but was too busy with work and preparing show applications to get the updated image online. From this point out it will be 'top secret' until the glaze layers are complete. However, I will soon be posting the digital anatomy studies for the next set of portraits, as well as some updates for the 'five questions' series. I decided to post the first saved version of the digital cadaver next to the finished one. It did come a long way...I was frightened after the first few days working on it (it is easy to tell why).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


It was a busy week. I cleaned up a significant amount of the image and removed a lot of miscellaneous layer artifacts (most of which are probably not visible at this scale). I also finished the nerve layer, reworked and finalized the ribs, reworked some muscle layers (including those on the face), reworked the shoulder joints, and re-shaped the right arm. It is almost there! I just need to finalize the right arm and finish the veins and arteries. A few last minute adjustments to the shoulder, and a new throat, and it will be good to go. If all goes well, it should be mounted and moving on to the glaze layer by next week.