Wednesday, September 9, 2009


To anyone who had started following my progress on the digital cadaver series, I apologize. I knew this blog was not in line with my nature when I started it, but decided to pursue starting one none-the-less with the hope that it would allow people insight in to my work and practice as an artist. However, it has gone months without any updates, and it has finally even gotten to me!!!

The summer turned out to be busier than expected, teaching both a full load in the Spring and Summer semesters. During this time I struggled to maintain myself teaching and in the studio, the blog in turn seeming less significant to my daily life and was (on many levels - regrettably) shoved to the side. I was more concerned about finding time to work, and less about posting the work I was managing to get done.

I am currently on the forth, and hopefully final, version of the initial cadaver hybrid image. My hope is that it will be dry and ready to hang in an upcoming exhibition on contemporary painting at EMU in October. I will post the final image as soon as it is complete. As noted above, this is the forth attempt. The first three derailed at some point in the glaze process as I attempted to find a balance between the painted layers and the underlying digital study. I am hopeful that at this point in the fourth and final version that I have found a working method that can be applied to all future hybrid studies.

Beyond that I have completed work on two "5 questions" images, and begun work on three new images. I also continued to develop the underlying digital components for the next set of digital hybrids. I also hope to set up equipment and photograph this work for the blog and website in the very near future.

So in short, I have been gone, but not out. And while I am still not fully prepared to post new images, I wanted to at least address the fact that my blog has been sitting stagnant for the past several months, and finally get myself back on the page. Hopefully the routine of the regular school year will make it easier to maintain a regular update and work schedule!